Druva Launches SaaS-Enabled MSP Partner Program

Druva launches MSP partner program for SaaS-based data protection, backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Druva IPO speculation continues.

Intel Reorganization Details

Intel reorganization & executive leadership updates target data center, artificial intelligence (AI), network & edge, software, accelerated computing systems & graphics opportunities.

IT Nation Secure 2021: MSP Cybersecurity Strategy Updates Surface

IT Nation Secure 2021 news for MSPs involves Acronis, ConnectWise, CMMC Compliance, Prescott, SaaS Alerts, managed SOC & SIEM services & more.

SMB Cybersecurity Research: MSP Opportunities Explained

Small & midsize businesses (SMBs) face at least four cybersecurity challenges that MSPs must address, Vanson Bourne & ConnectWise research finds.

Logicalis Acquires 5G Networking Company Siticom

Logicalis acquires Siticom; international MSP and IT consulting company gains for 5G and software-defined networking expertise across EMEA.

SaaS Application Security Research: MSP and SMB Findings

Small & midsize businesses (SMBs) that run SaaS applications face aggressive, daily Brute Force Attacks, SaaS Alerts research finds.

HPE Acquires Determined AI for HPC Machine Learning

Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquires Determined AI. HPE GreenLake managed services gain machine learning (ML) & AI capabilities for software projects.

SolarWinds Orion Security Breach: Cyberattack Timeline and Hacking Incident Details

How the SolarWinds Orion security breach occurred: A timeline involving CrowdStrike, FireEye, Microsoft, FBI, CISA & allegations vs. Russia.

Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Regulations, Policies & Privacy Issues Explained

Should artificial intelligence & facial recognition technology be regulated? Here are AI perspectives from Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, the United States, European Union & more.

ConnectWise Intros Multi-Vendor BDR Management Dashboard for MSPs

ConnectWise Recover Complete BDR is an MSP dashboard for managing multiple third-party backup & disaster recovery platforms. Acronis is the first integration.