"Zero Trust" Posts

Understanding Microsoft’s Transition From DAP to GDAP

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Microsoft is putting an end to delegated admin privileges (DAP) in favor of more secure granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP).

Deploying Zero-Trust Networks in the COVID-19 Era: A Guide for Service Providers

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MSPs can play a critical role in bringing zero-trust security to a woefully underserved market. WatchGuard Technologies explains how.

How to Enforce a Zero Trust Policy—Starting With the Basics

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ConnectWise CISO Patrick Beggs shares need-to-know basics about zero trust, including what it is and how to enforce a zero trust policy.

Zero Trust Must Extend to Wi-Fi Networks

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Zero Trust requires total security for the entire network, which includes Wi-Fi, according to WatchGuard Technologies.

Zero Trust Requires An Open Security Ecosystem with Shared Signals

It’s time for a standard that drastically simplifies communication between applications with security context, Cisco Systems explains.

Passwordless Protection: The Next Step in Zero Trust Security

Zero trust architectural components can also be leveraged for the next evolution in authentication, which is passwordless access.

Extending Zero Trust Security to Industrial Networks

Partners must extend the zero trust security model to industrial operations. Cisco Systems explains why.

Cisco Launches Solutions to Speed Return to Work

Cisco has released solutions purpose-built to help organizations return to the office and also better enable remote and hybrid working.

Returning to Work With Zero-Trust Security

Zero trust can mitigate threats, but implementing a zero trust architecture involves some challenges. Sophos describes practical first steps for partners.

Barracuda Networks Enhances Zero Trust Security, RMM for MSPs

Barracuda Networks, backed by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, intros Zero Trust Security & RMM (remote monitoring & management) software updates for MSPs.