"Workplace as a Service" Posts

Amazon Workspaces at AWS re:Invent 2018

At AWS re:invent 2018, ESG will be watching for Amazon Workspaces deployments at scale and looking to see if attendees are standardizing on DaaS, or if DaaS is being used for smaller use cases.

Entisys360 Debuts Workspace-as-a-Service for Mid-Market Customers

Entisys360 has officially launched its first Workspace-as-a-Service (Waas) platform for mid-market customers.

Workspace-as-a-Service CloudJumper Helps MSPs Ease Onboarding

Workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) CloudJumper adds onboarding solution for managed service provider (MSP), cloud services provider (CSP) & IT solution partners.

Itopia: Solving the Desktop as a Service Math Problem?

From desktop as a service (DaaS) to workspace as a service (WaaS), hosted desktops are maturing fast. But are there partner profits? Itopia says yes.

DaaS 3.0: Workspace As a Service Shows Progress

Desktop as a service (DaaS) has evolved into workspace as a service (WaaS). Several platforms are catching on with MSPs & strategic IT service providers.