"Verizon Cloud Business for Sale" Posts

Verizon ‘Proceeding’ With Data Center Sale; Cloud Revenues Fall

After a slight delay, Verizon (VZ) is still on track to sell its cloud data center business. Expect updates in early Q4, Verizon executives said today.

CenturyLink Data Centers for Sale: Four Private Equity Bidders?

Four private equity firms have united to bid on CenturyLink Inc.’s cloud data center business, according to Reuters. Is a long-awaited sale drawing closer?

5 Big Technology, Cloud Businesses Likely Up for Sale

In the weeks ahead some large technology companies and cloud businesses could be sold. Here are four that are up for sale, and one rumored to be for sale.

CenturyLink Cloud Data Centers: Sold By Q3 2016?

CenturyLink (CTL) remains focused on selling “all or a portion” of its data center business by Q3 or early Q4 2016, according to CEO Glen F. Post.

Verizon Cloud Data Centers Could Be Sold In Q3 2016

Will Verizon Communications sell or retain its cloud data centers? Verizon’s data center decision will likely arrive in Q3 2016, CFO Francis Shammo says.

Why Telcos Struggle With Public Cloud Services

Five years after CenturyLink, Verizon and other telcos began buying cloud services providers, telco hubs struggle in the public cloud world. Here’s why.

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Verizon Cloud Business For Sale

Verizon’s enterprise cloud business is for sale. The move comes only four years after Verizon spent $1.4 billion on Terremark, a public cloud provider.