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Family Businesses: When to Fire Your Kids

“The consequences of firing your children are life long … no matter how well it is done,” Harvard Business Review says. Here’s how to proceed.

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CCB Technology Ownership, Leadership Transition From Parents to Son

CCB Technology, a national IT solutions and services provider, has transitioned ownership and executive leadership from the company’s founders to their son, Patrick Booth.

Family Business Succession Planning

Should you acquire your family’s business from your parents? Find your answer with these eight succession planning considerations & tips.

Succession Planning: When A Co-Founder Retires

Entisys360, founded in 1988, celebrates the retirement of co-founder Bets Strohl. Step brothers Mike Strohl (CEO) and Matt General (COO) are well-prepared to drive the business forward. Here’s why.

Multiple Generations In Family Offices: Implications for the Future?

Setting up a family office to invest directly in companies can consolidate tax, accounting & wealth management under one roof. But here are the challenges.

Family Owned And Operated: For Generations to Come?

You’ve built an IT services business. Your kids are now involved in the company. But will they ever be ready to run — and own — the business?

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Succession Planning: Father, Son and the Leadership Journey

Like many of America’s family-owned businesses, CCB Technology’s leadership & ownership may ultimately shift from a founding father to his son. Here’s how.

Small Business Succession Plan: Got One?

The IT entrepreneur’s dream goes something like this: Launch, build, expand, enjoy and then exit (i.e., sell) your business at a lofty valuation. But here’s the reality: For most small business CEOs, […]


Business Continuity Meets Succession Planning

Chances are you already know about backup and basic business continuity. So what’s next? The answer involves a business continuity plan that includes executive succession planning — for your own company. Check […]

Disaster Recovery

Murphy’s Law: Natural Disasters Await You

Only 57 percent of small businesses say they are prepared to handle natural disasters. Moreover, 27 percent of small businesses had to close their companies in the past year due to […]