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SolarWinds MSP Reinforces Dual RMM Commitment (And More)

SolarWinds MSP executives want to emphasize continued R&D commitments to two remote monitoring and management (RMM) software platforms. But that’s not all.

SolarWinds MSP Previews N-able, LogicNow Roadmap Updates

SolarWinds MSP has unified its N-able & LogicNow brands, while providing more clues about how the managed services provider products will evolve.

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SolarWinds MSP Software Roadmap Arriving In November

SolarWinds MSP plans to unveil its software roadmap during a UK-based conference in November, new leader John Pagliuca confirms. But that’s not all.

SolarWinds MSP: New Leader Named, 2 Executives Exit

SolarWinds MSP, which houses the N-able and LogicNow businesses, has named a new executive leader while confirming two executive departures.

Databases File Cabinets

Use Data to Grow Your MSP Business, Grow Your Customer Relationships

So why aren’t more MSPs putting data to work to build a more successful managed services practice? SolarWinds N-able guides the way.

MSPs: Good Reporting Triggers Even Better Customer Retention

Reporting for MSPs is all about owning & making use of the data intelligence that you already have. SolarWinds N-able explains.

SolarWinds MSP: Unified LogicNow, N-able Product Road Map Coming

As SolarWinds MSP Leader Walter Scott preps to exit the company, he & team team members are developing a unified product roadmap for N-able & LogicNow MSPs.

Walter Scott’s Next Move?

SolarWinds MSP Leader Walter Scott is an entrepreneur, business builder and deal maker. That’s why ChannelE2E wasn’t shocked by his resignation.

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SolarWinds MSP: Walter Scott Exiting Managed Services Software Company

Walter Scott, leader of SolarWinds MSP (the combination of SolarWinds N-able and LogicNow), plans to step down in roughly two months, sources say.

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5 Channel Partner Updates: 4 August 2016

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Today’s updates involve ChannelEyes, GoDaddy, FreedomVoice, BCM One, CloudStrategies Group, PassPortal, ITGlue, SolarWinds MSP, SolarWinds N-able & more.