"SolarWinds MSP Spin Off" Posts

SolarWinds MSP Potential Spin-Off: 10 Things to Know

Why SolarWinds ($SWI) might spin off the SolarWinds MSP software business. Potential managed IT service provider (MSP) partner implications explained.

SolarWinds MSP Potential Spin Off Explained In Two Slides

Why might SolarWinds spin off the company’s MSP software business? These two slides from the SolarWinds ($SWI) earnings call provide context.

Kevin Thompson, John Pagliuca Explain Potential SolarWinds MSP Spin-Off

SolarWinds CEO Kevin Thompson & SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca explain potential MSP business spin-off in this ChannelE2E interview.

SolarWinds Explores MSP Software Business Spin-Off

SolarWinds ($SWI) may spin off its MSP software business as a standalone company. Here’s what SolarWinds MSP partners & managed IT service providers need to know.