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How to Drive a Successful Tech Refresh to Improve Security

Cisco Systems explores the key components of a technology refresh, how it improves security and best practices for making it happen.

Microsoft 365 Security Tips for MSPs and Channel Partners

Keep these Microsoft 365 Business Premium security capabilities in mind for small business customers, Sherweb explains to MSPs and channel partners.

EDR vs XDR Security: What’s the Difference?

XDR has taken hold of the security market as the successor to EDR. But Forrester’s Allie Mellen says EDR isn’t quite dead yet.

5 Ways to Improve Your Security Awareness Training

It’s an ongoing effort to educate your team and revamp your security awareness training program as cybercriminals change tactics.

MSPs That Deliver Secure Remote Access Can Improve Customer Business Resilience

Demand for remote access has critical implications for customer security & business resilience. Here’s how MSPs can address those needs, according to OpenText’s Webroot & Carbonite team.

How to Select the Right Security Framework for Your Business

Which security framework to use depends heavily on your distinct needs, objectives and regulatory obligations, among other factors.

Cybersecurity Incident Response: Got A Crisis Communications Plan?

You need a comprehensive PR strategy to reassure stakeholders and preserve your reputation after a cybersecurity incident.

Top 5 Security Challenges for Retailers

Here are the top five security challenges for retailers and best practices for how to tackle them to secure your business.

5 Best Practices for a Solid Incident Response Plan

These tips will help you document solutions for repeat incidents, ensure a quicker resolution time and lower risk for your customers.

What is XDR Security?

XDR includes solutions that bring together detection and response (DR) tools to streamline the process and allow for more efficient DR.