"ScanSource Buys Intelisys" Posts


ScanSource Buys Intelisys: Executives Describe the Deal

ScanSource & Intelisys executives describe the synergies & negotiations that triggered ScanSource’s acquisition of Intelisys. Plus what’s next for partners.

ScanSource Confirms Intelisys Acquisition: Estimated Deal Valuation

ScanSource has confirmed the Intelisys buyout, which converges the worlds of IT distribution, VARs, MSPs and Telco Agents. Here’s the deal valuation.

ScanSource Acquiring Intelisys: VARs, MSPs, Telco Agents Converge

ScanSource is acquiring Intelisys, a buyout that further converges traditional VARs, MSPs & telco agents, sources close to ScanSource & Intelisys say.