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SAP Sapphire Now 2020 Conference: Digital Only

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SAP Sapphire Now, ASUG conference & SAP Global Partner Summit are now digital only. The face-to-face events were canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.

SAP Sapphire Now 2019 ASUG User Conference

SAP Sapphire Now 2019 & ASUG User Conference information including dates, location, registration pricing and costs, hotels, agenda, speakers, sponsors and more.

SAP: Executive Departures Amid Cloud Services Revenue Push

SAP’s reorganization & related cloud services revenue push includes key executive departures. Partner updates expected at SAP Sapphire Now 2019 conference.

SAP Sapphire NOW 2018 Conference Dates and Location

SAP Sapphire Now 2018 is scheduled for June 5-7 in Orlando, Florida. More than an enterprise customer conference, Sapphire Now will also emphasize SAP's SME partner strategy.

SAP Sapphire Now 2018 conference information, including dates, city location, registration, pricing and costs, agenda, audience, speaker, sponsors & more.

SAP Sapphire Now, ASUG Customer and Partner Conference 2017

When and where are SAP Sapphire NOW and ASUG customer and partner conference 2017? Here’s SAP and ASUG event and conference information.