"Sales Prospecting" Posts

5 Sales Myths Preventing You From Growing Your Business

Are you falling for one of these 5 sales myths? Kendra Lee’s advice helps dispel preconceived notions and unlock new opportunities.

Do You (And Your Customer) Have a Real Deal?

Sales people and customers waste huge amounts of time and resources on deals that are not and may have never been “real.”

Cold Calling is Not Dead

When you insert cold calling into lead generation campaigns, all the cold calls are warm calls, making prospecting easier.

What’s Your Ideal Customer Profile?

Sales pros should be be developing Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to help focus engagement strategies on the customers they can best help.

How to Adapt Your Cold-Calling Strategy for 2021

The sooner you embrace how cold calling is changing, the sooner you’ll start to get sales prospecting results.

10 Questions to Ask to Ensure You Hit Your Q4 Sales Targets

Kendra Lee says Q4 is the perfect time to pinpoint a handful of actionable goals and create a plan for achieving key sales targets.

How to Avoid Sales Prospecting Malpractice

Poorly designed, badly executed sales prospecting can tarnish your business reputation. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains how to avoid such setbacks.

Post-Pandemic Technology Sales Prospecting: 5 Steps to Success

KLA Group’s Kendra Lee offers tips for proactively preparing your digital prospecting to succeed in a post-pandemic business world.

Do Your Prospects Know You’re There? Keep Marketing!

It’s tempting to slash your marketing budgets, but new prospects need your guidance more than ever. Here are five lead generation strategies you can use.

What’s Holding Your Sales Prospecting Back?

If you don’t have strong, qualified leads in your pipeline, it’s going to be hard to meet your sales objectives. KLA Group’s Kendra Lee offers these sales prospecting tips.