"Partners in Excellence" Posts

Can You Convince Your Customers to Buy?

To convince customers to buy, salespeople must help them open up to alternative points of view and find some reason to consider change.

Is Your Solution Easy to Buy?

Just because our offerings are easier to sell, doesn’t mean we will sell more. We need to think about how we make our products easier to buy.

Management Isn’t for Everyone – Nor Should it Be

Companies need career paths and development for individual contributors, or they risk losing some of their most experienced and best people.

Focus on the Customer, Not the Cost!

Don’t let your customers buy based on price or on TCO. Focus on the total business results, and the business outcomes for customers.

How to Prepare Customers for the Next Meeting

The trick to making sure your customer is prepared starts with making sure you are prepared and focused before you even start the meeting.

“Free” is Meaningless if the Customer Doesn’t Care

If the customer doesn’t have the problem you solve, deeply discounted or free offers are meaningless, David Brock explains.

2021 Technology Sales Planning: Are the Right Hand And Left Hand In Touch?

Channel management and sales teams often develop great sales plans. But failure to coordinate those plans often leads to revenue challenges.

How Your Technology Business Can Be Differentiated in 2021

Hint: In the technology market, your sales team is still the most important differentiator in the customer buying experience. Partners in Excellence’s David Brock explains why.

Your Customers Aren’t Buying Your Product. So Why Keep Selling It?

Understanding customers’ needs and business objectives, not your own need to sell a product, can help salespeople create value.

Sales Forecasts: It’s About the Deal, Not the Number

Getting forecasting right is about measuring and tracking the right metrics – it’s not about the numbers, but about each deal.