"Ovum" Posts

5G Wireless Network Deployments: Early Findings

How many 5G wireless networks and associated connections have been rolled out in the United States? 5G Americas research offers some statistics and deployment findings.

Data Encryption Must be a Priority for Digital Businesses

Although encryption has been around for many years, it has come to the fore again amid the shifts to mobile and cloud services. Can enterprises keep up?

AT&T Shape: IoT and Augmented Reality Come Into Focus

The Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) were the prime focus at AT&T’s Shape conference. Ovum explains what’s next.

Surfing Tidal Wave

Virtualized Managed Services: Tier-1 Telcos Launch Tidal Wave

From AT&T to Verizon, tier-1 telcos are launching virtualized network services. But will enterprise customers ride the SDN and NFV waves? Ovum explains.

Service Providers: Taking the Slow Approach to Digital Business Transformation?

Despite marketing efforts, many service providers still need to develop and match their offerings to the new digital imperatives. Ovum explains why.

The Rise of Containers In Enterprise IT

The rise of application containers on enterprise roadmaps has been hard to miss. Ovum offers guidance on how to get started.

Apple’s Latest Smart Home Enabler

Apple’s new smart home application, simply called “Home,” enables users to control all HomeKit devices from a single interface. Is consumer IoT saved?

Salesforce Community Cloud Gathers Market Momentum

Salesforce Community Cloud enables organizations to build, and then engage with, communities and audiences, such as customers, partners, or citizens.

Smart Home Industry Isn’t Ready for Mass Market Adoption

Marketing and word of mouth were enough to attract early adopters to the smart home world. But adoption challenges remain.

IT Strategy: Is a Multiyear Approach Obsolete?

Is a traditional multiyear approach to IT strategy still relevant in a world where the business landscape is rapidly evolving? Ovum weighs in.