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Oracle Layoffs 2020: European Staff Cuts for 1,300 Employees?

Oracle layoffs will impact 1,300 staff members in Europe, a report says. The enterprise database & application provider continues its shift to cloud subscription services.

Oracle Layoffs 2019: Staff Cuts Reinforce Talent ‘Rebalancing’ Trend

Oracle layoffs apparently target multple departments. Like IBM & SAP, the big focus is talent rebalancing toward cloud services, security & artificial intelligence.

Oracle Layoffs 2017: Staff Cuts Trim Storage Hardware Sales Team

Oracle layoffs hit the database company’s North American storage hardware sales team amid continued Oracle Cloud deployment & migration initiatives.

Oracle Layoffs September 2017: SPARC, Solaris Staff Cuts

Oracle layoffs included more SPARC and Solaris staff cuts across hardware and software on September 1, 2017, according to multiple ORCL media reports.

Oracle Layoffs 2017: Rumored Staff Cuts, Job Losses Today (June 1)

Rumored Oracle layoffs on June 1, 2017, allegedly include job cuts for North American sales, customer success managers and solutions consultants.

Oracle Layoffs June 2017 Rumor: CEO Denies Sales Team Cuts

Are Oracle layoffs, massive sales team staff cuts and a re-org coming in June 2017? Oracle CEO Mark Hurd says those rumors are fake news.

Oracle Layoffs 2017: Tekelec, Communications Staff Cuts?

Oracle (ORCL) layoffs have hit the former Tekelec team in North Carolina, according to a report. Oracle declined comment about the alleged staff cuts.

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Oracle Layoffs 2017: Hardware Staff Cuts, Solaris Changes?

Oracle layoffs may impact 2,000 employees. Oracle staff cuts could involve SPARC hardware and Solaris operating system engineers & developers.