"Network Security" Posts

Five Ways NDR Supports the Executive Order on Cybersecurity

How does Network Detection and Response (NDR) align with President Biden’s executive order on cybersecurity? Cisco Systems offers context.

How to Monitor Indicators of Behavior (IoB) for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Monitoring IoBs can separate typical from anomalous behavior and identify sequences of IoBs that can indicate criminal behavior.

4 Benefits of Co-Managed Security Services

Internal IT security teams don’t have to tackle every security challenge on their own. That’s where co-managed IT security services come in.

Extending Zero Trust Security to Industrial Networks

Partners must extend the zero trust security model to industrial operations. Cisco Systems explains why.

Returning to Work With Zero-Trust Security

Zero trust can mitigate threats, but implementing a zero trust architecture involves some challenges. Sophos describes practical first steps for partners.

Verizon Developing New 5G Network Security Measures

Verizon engineers are developing new 5G network security measures to defend mobile and wireless systems from cyberattacks.


Maintaining Security Visibility Amid TLS 1.3 and DoH

TLS 1.3 and DNS-over-HTTPS improve individual privacy but reduce short-term enterprise security. Forrester’s David Holmes explains.

Top 10 Networking and Security Trends and Challenges

Cisco has identified 10 key trends and challenges that have changed the game for networking and cybersecurity professionals.

Network Security Sandboxes Drive Next-Gen Endpoint Security

ESG discovers an interesting relationship between network-based anti-malware gateways and next-generation endpoint security. Here’s the background.