"MSP Software" Posts

Best Practices for Application Modernization

Synoptek explains why you need to modernize your applications and the best practices to drive the most favorable outcomes.

Top 10 Managed Services Provider (MSP) Predictions for 2017

ChannelE2E’s 10 managed services provider (MSP) predictions for 2017 describe where MSPs are heading next with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) services.

Documenting Why MSPs Stick With IT Glue

IT Glue’s documentation platform has caught on with nearly 2,000 MSPs, and adoption is doubling annually. CEO Chris Day — a former MSP — explains why.

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20 RMM Software Tools, Alternatives for MSPs, VARs

A list of RMM (remote monitoring and management) software & cloud tools for MSPs (managed services providers). The top 20 RMM options & alternatives.

AVG Technologies: SMB Software Sales Dip Again

As Avast Software seeks to finalize the AVG Technologies buyout, AVG’s SMB software sales (including CloudCare and Managed Workplace for MSPs) are slipping.

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Is Private Equity Good or Bad for MSP Software Companies?

AVG joins a lengthy list of MSP software companies with private equity ownership. But is PE good or bad for the MSP software market?


Avast Acquires AVG Technologies for $1.3 Billion

Avast is buying AVG Technologies for a deeper security software push, but what does it mean for AVG’s Managed Workplace MSP software business?

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AVG Managed Workplace, MSP Reality Check

AVG Technologies’ SMB business and Managed Workplace software for MSPs stumbled in Q3 2015. So how did Q4 perform? The answers will emerge this week.

Kaseya Turnaround: An MSP Reality Check

The MSP software provider says it’s listening to service providers, delivering innovation & managing 10 million endpoints. Here’s the progress & challenges.

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Cisco, Moogsoft Pitch Service Quality Software to MSPs

The networking giant and the startup promote software analytics to help MSPs detect and eliminate service quality issues before they spiral out of control.