"MSP Sales Tips" Posts

MSP Sales Script: Stop Selling Predictable Costs. Do This Instead

Any seasoned MSP knows the old managed services sales pitch: Sell customers on predictable costs & service levels. Now, it’s time to change your tune.

6 Strategies to Secure More Market Development Funds (MDF)

If you lack a close working relationship with your vendor, it can be challenging to ask for market development funds (MDF). KLA Group offers this guidance.


The Dos and Don’ts of an MSP Sales Discovery Call

Welcome back to our MSP Sales Success blog series, a collection of Continuum posts that dive deep into the sales journey.

How to Create an ‘All Ships Sink’ Market in Three Simple Steps

How short-term goals and short-term thinking leads to commoditized markets that can’t survive.

How to Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams for Growth

It’s an age-old conflict: Sales blames marketing for poor leads, and marketing blames sales for poor follow up. Here’s the fix, according to ConnectWise.

High Velocity Sales Prospecting: Pros and Cons

How B2B sales people alienate potential customers within moments of white paper downloads.

Dial the Phone: How Email Addiction Hurts Business

We’ve forgotten that you can use the telephone — instead of relying on email — to Get More Done.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Salespeople!

In the age of self-service cloud applications, many CEOs believe they no longer need to invest in sales teams. Here’s why they’re dead wrong.

Do We Set Our Salespeople Up to Fail?

If we expect salespeople to engage prospects in a conversation about their business, then equip them with the right information to have that conversation.

You Want to Take My Money, But Who Are You?

People buy from people. But how do I buy if there are no people, no office and no phone? Just a website and a generic email address. Where’s the trust?