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We Created the Digital Generation. Now What?

Those who live and work in the realm of technology play a special role in ensuring this world remains a safe, productive and equitable space.

Retirement Bench Park Water Lake

Millennials and Retirement Savings: Surprising Research Findings

Breaking away from generational stereotypes, Millennials are saving money for retirement at a higher rate than GenX and Baby Boomers, J.D. Power research finds.

Do Millennials Lack Grit?

Psychologist, author and MacArthur Fellow Angela Duckworth explores the Millennial workforce. Forrester Research weighs in, too.

3 Emerging Help Desk Trends

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A recent Software Advice study reveals the type of help desk services that millennials prefer. ConnectWise VP Mark Sokol pinpoints the key trends.


Found: Millennial Job Candidates

Where can your technology business find great Millennial talent? Sure, techie job search websites like Dice.com remain popular. And when it comes to the IT channel, keep a close eye (and […]

Retirement Bench Park Water Lake

Retirement Savings: Geeks Are Struggling

Regardless of your generation — Millennial, Generation X or Baby Boomer — chances are you’re struggling to put aside retirement savings. Some of us in the technology sector hoped to […]

An IT Service Desk for Millennials

In the ultra-crowded world of IT help desks and service management software, Freshdesk in mid-2015 raised another $50 million to better serve — wait for it — the millennial crowd. I’m […]

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Enterprise IT Automation Still Lacking

Regardless of your generation — Millennial, Gen X or Baby Boomer — a common view of enterprise IT automation has emerged. In short, the “State of Work” still involves far too many […]