"Mexico" Posts

Dispatches From Mexico: Life’s A Beach

I recently picked up shop and moved to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. And…

Dispatches From Mexico City: It’s Christmastime Again!

Here in Mexico City, people are buying ponche — a hot Christmas punch — by the bowl-full…

Dispatches From Mexico: The Big Pop Show

My friend Roberto called me. Someone he knew was looking for a banjo player for a big pop show. Hey, I’m a banjo player…

Dispatches From Mexico City: Time To Face The Changes

Change is a funny thing. It can be good or bad, but either way it’s unforgiving. Once things have changed it’s very difficult to go back to the way they were.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Trips To Tepoztlán

Friends, I’d like to introduce you to a little city called Tepoztlán. Well, it’s little by Mexican standards. But…

Dispatches From Mexico City: Musings On The Country’s New President

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won the Mexico presidency. Here are views from Mexico City.

Dispatches From Mexico City: An Election Primer

Millions of Mexicans will gather this July to elect a new president, state governors, and city mayors, along with other elected positions. Here’s my view from Mexico City.

Dispatches From Mexico City: When A Grammy Winner Calls

As a musician, when a Grammy winner calls you to record on an album, you don’t say no.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Ups And Downs

We had our power cut. My rent money was lost. And I had a great weekend. It was a rollercoaster, to say the least. Here’s what the ride taught me.

Dispatches From Mexico City: Asking The Tough Questions

Mexico, after devastating earthquakes, is already showing signs of improvement. But it’s time to ask some hard questions.