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The Importance of ‘Flow’ In Selling

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David Brock takes inspiration from his own Tai Chi practice to explain why flow is such an important concept in the sales process.

Why Do We Call Them Customer Objections?

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Customer objections don’t have to be adversarial. Instead, David Brock believes they can open up more fulfilling conversations.

Why Are We Satisfied With Poor Win Rates?

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David Brock asks why sales leaders aren’t alarmed by poor win rates, and why they aren’t seeking to drive those rates higher.

RSM Acquires Andculture to Launch Human-Centered Design Practice

RSM has acquired Andculture, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based firm that provides marketing strategy, design and technology services.

Why Many Buying Journeys Fail

A full 54% of committed customer buying efforts end in no decision made; David Brock explains how to help the buying journey succeed.

Making Your Numbers May Not be Enough

David Brock explains that sometimes, just ‘making the numbers’ is holding you back from achieving your full potential.

What to Include in a Marketing Plan to Generate Leads

KLA Group’s Kendra Lee explains what to include (and what to exclude) in your marketing plan if you want to generate leads.

Sales and Marketing: Alignment or Integration?

David Brock wonders if it’s time to rethink sales and marketing and how those functions are provided within organizations.

How Sales Leaders Can Build Larger Pipelines

Recent changes in B2B buying habits offer sales and marketing leaders a unique opportunity to adopt a new approach to building pipeline.

Is Product-Led Growth the Future of Selling?

Product-led growth (PLG) introduces a huge disconnect with the customer. David Brock believes there’s a better way.