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"Jon Oltsik" Posts

VMworld: VMware, NSX and Cybersecurity

At VMworld 2016, ESG’s Jon Oltsik takes a closer look at VMware’s overall security strategy, along with products and services that may assist the effort.

Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Security Essentials

Software-defined perimeter (SDP) is a strong fit for today’s mobile applications, public cloud infrastructure & pervasive security threats, ESG says.

Are There Workloads that Don’t Belong in the Public Cloud?

For many small enterprise and midmarket organizations, public cloud computing may actually be more secure than the traditional on-premises model, EGS says.

Cybersecurity Salary Inflation: A Red Flag

We’ve misclassified the cybersecurity skills shortage as an industry problem when it’s actually a national security issue. Here are some potential fixes.

Data and Identity: Two New Security Perimeters

As CIOs lose control of IT infrastructure to the cloud, partners must help them maintain tight control over two other areas: Sensitive data & user identity.

Cybersecurity as a Business Issue

The most important IT “meta-trend” involves boosting cybersecurity, according to an ESG survey of IT leaders. Analytics, cloud and mobile take a back seat.

Henry Ford and Incident Response

Four timeless lessons from the manufacturing mogul, and how they apply to cybersecurity.

identity access management

What’s Driving Identity and Access Management (IAM) Adoption?

Identity and access management (IAM) is transitioning into a new security perimeter at many enterprise organizations. ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains why.

Network Security Sandboxes Drive Next-Gen Endpoint Security

ESG discovers an interesting relationship between network-based anti-malware gateways and next-generation endpoint security. Here’s the background.

Enterprise Mobile App Security

Software Security Isn’t Keeping Up

You know about endpoint security and network security. But it’s time to pay far more attention to software security, according to ESG.