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10 Most Read ChannelE2E News Stories: 07 May 2021

ChannelE2E’s most read technology news this week involved Boomi, CompuCom, Dell, Evergreen Services Group, Kaseya, Liongard CEO Joe Alapat, TruMethods, Wasabi, Starport Managed Services & more.

Microphone Podcast 2

Podcast: How Data-Driven Service Providers Will Drive Profitable Growth

What’s the next wave of MSP automation? Liongard CEO Joe Alapat says the answer involves effective data gathering that unlocks insights for profitable growth at scale.

MSP Software Provider Liongard: Staying Online Amid Texas Power Outages

Liongard, a cloud-based MSP software provider in Houston, remains online amid Texas power outages. CEO Joe Alapat shares perspectives from the storm zone.

10 Most Read ChannelE2E News Stories: Week Ended 04 December 2020

This week’s 10 most read news stories involved Convergence Networks, Datto, Evergreen Services Group, Grade A, Gradient MSP CEO Colin Knox, Liongard CEO Joe Alapat, Riverside Partners, Wolf Consulting, Xpert & more.

MSP Automation Software: Six Liongard Use Cases Grow Worldwide

Liongard CEO Joe Alapat seeks to help MSPs standardize, secure & scale their managed IT services businesses. How? Here are the answers.

2020 Mid-Year Review: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

MSP mergers, security and pandemics – oh my! Liongard CEO Joe Alapat evaluates how 2020 predictions panned out, halfway through this utterly unpredictable year.

Liongard CEO Joe Alapat: The ChannelE2E Interview

Liongard CEO Joe Alapat describes how Series B funding round, led by Updata Partners, will benefit the Liongard Roar software platform for MSP automation.

Working Remotely with Liongard by Your Side

Amid the work from home (WFH) wave, MSPs must address customers’ remote management and security needs head-on, Liongard CEO Joe Alapat explains.

Microphone Podcast 3

Podcast: Liongard CEO Joe Alapat

Liongard’s Alapat describes how proper automation allows MSPs to compete with rivals of all sizes — especially duiring the major M&A trend.

Liongard Hires Service Provider Experts to Scale MSP Automation, Visibility Initiatives

Liongard’s executive & boardroom leadership features MSP talent from ConnectWise, mindSHIFT, Rackspace & more. CFO Josh Tabin describes what’s next for MSP software startup.