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Can MSPs Secure Every SaaS Application User… Worldwide?

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MSPs will make SaaS application security — and automated response services — ubiquitous, SaaS Alerts CEO Jim Lippie predicts. Here’s why.

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5 Channel Partner Program and MSP Market News Updates: 17 June 2022

Today’s channel partner program & MSP market news involves CyberFox, Datadog, Kaseya-Datto, Connect IT Global 2022, Fred Voccola, SaaS Alerts CEO Jim Lippie, SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) and more. Sip up.

Cybersecurity Startup SaaS Alerts Opens Funding Round to MSPs

Cybersecurity software company SaaS Alerts opens funding round to MSP owners and employees who are accredited angel investors.

SaaS Application Security Research: MSP and SMB Findings

Small & midsize businesses (SMBs) that run SaaS applications face aggressive, daily Brute Force Attacks, SaaS Alerts research finds.

MSP Industry Pioneers Fund SaaS Alerts

SaaS Alerts, led by CEO Jim Lippie, raises $1.2 million in early stage funding from Gary Pica, David Bellini & additional MSP industry pioneers.

10 Most Read ChannelE2E News Stories: Week Ended 29 January 2021

This week’s most read ChannelE2E news & analysis content involved Apex IT Group, Court Square, Jim Lippie, NuMSP, SaaS Alerts, Thoma Bravo Advantage SPAC, Thrive & more.

SaaS Alerts Hires Kaseya, Thrive Networks Veteran Jim Lippie as CEO

SaaS Alerts hires Kaseya & Thrive Networks veteran Jim Lippie as CEO. Startup empowers MSPs to monitor Microsoft Office 365 & other SaaS applications.

Kaseya Powered Services: Cybersecurity, Data Center Monitoring Catching On?

An update on SaaS-driven Kaseya Powered Services like AuthAnvil (password management & multifactor authentication) & Traverse (infrastructure monitoring).

Kaseya Traverse 9.5 Reinforces Network, Cloud and Data Center Monitoring

Kaseya Traverse 9.5 reinforces renewed emphasis on MSP network, cloud and data center monitoring across distributed customer systems.

Kaseya Connect 2017 Preview: 5 Questions MSPs Should Ask

Kaseya Connect 2017, a conference for MSPs & IT managers, starts May 9. Amid updates from CEO Fred Voccola, here are 5 questions MSPs should ask.