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Private Equity Acquires IoT Security Provider Armis for $1.1 Billion

Private equity firm Insight Partners, parent of Kaseya, acquires Internet of Things (IoT) security startup Armis. Key reseller, MSP & MSSP partners include CriticalStart, Fishtech Group, Optiv & Presidio.

D-Link Denies FTC’s IoT Security Charges

D-Link plans to defend itself against the FTC, which alleges D-Link’s network & IP camera equipment has IoT security lapses that put customers at risk.

FTC Lawsuit vs. D-Link Puts IoT Device Makers On Notice

An Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit against D-Link essentially puts all Internet of Things (IoT) device makers on notice for alleged security lapses.

Cisco Security Strategy: IoT, Endpoint, DDoS Mitigation Updates

Cisco Systems (CSCO) describes its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) strategy across endpoint security, DDoS attacks, IoT security & more.

IoT Security Summit 2016

The IoT Security Summit 2016  is a security conference focused entirely on Internet of Things security and privacy issues. It returns Oct. 17-19 in Boston.

IoT Security Summit 2016 addresses Internet of Things security and privacy. Here’s event location, costs, dates, speakers and registration information.

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Is the Internet of Things Safe?

New ISACA survey shows significant Internet of Things (IoT) perception gap between consumers and cybersecurity and IT professionals.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

ChannelE2E’s IT security predictions for 2016 span corporate compliance, ransomware, the Internet of Things (IoT) & so much more for VARs & MSPs to ponder.

Podcast Microphone 4

ChannelE2E Podcast 050: LogicNow’s Ian Trump

LOGICnow Security Lead Ian Trump describes the latest security threats — and opportunities — for IT service providers focused on small businesses.

Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Security Weaknesses

As billions of devices and sensors link to the Internet of Things, new security threats emerge daily. Here are the top IoT security risks so far.