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Ingram Micro Buyout, Company Sale: Now Official

Ingram Micro’s (IM) $6 billion sale to Tianjin Tianhai and HNA Group is now officially completed.

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Ingram Micro Cloud Summit: Everything You Need to Know

Live coverage, key themes and major cloud services provider (CSP) milestones from the Ingram Micro event.

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Ingram Micro Sale: Executive VP Paul Bay’s Message to Partners

Amid a $6 billion buyout, Ingram Micro insists it’s business as usual for the distributor, partners & compliance-centric customers like the US government.

Ingram Micro Buyout: Everything You Need to Know

ChannelE2E’s complete coverage of the Ingram Micro buyout. Details about Ingram’s new owner from China, what drove the $6 billion acquisition, and more.

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Ingram Micro Buyout: Letter to Partners About Company Sale

Ingram Micro is sending the following letter to partners, explaining the $6 billion company sale to Tianjin Tianhai, and assuring a continued partner focus.

Ingram Micro Acquired: CEO Memo to Employees

When Ingram Micro was acquired by Tianjin Tianhai for $6 billion today, Ingram CEO Alain MoniƩ sent the following email to all employees.

Ingram Micro Acquired: Buyout Deal FAQ

Detailed FAQ from Ingram Micro explains the distributor’s $6 billion sale to Tianjin Tianhai. Here’s the complete FAQ.

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Why Ingram Micro Was Acquired: Morgan Stanley’s Advice, View

Morgan Stanley, which advised Ingram Micro on the distributor’s $6 billion sale to Tianjin Tianhai, writes memo describing deal upside for Ingram.

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Ingram Micro Acquired By Tianjin Tianhai for $6 Billion

Tianjin Tianhai acquired Ingram Micro for $6 billion. The distributor will become a subsidiary of HNA Group, a Chinese conglomerate, Ingram & Tianjin said.