"Incident Response" Posts

Atlassian HipChat, PagerDuty Incident Management Integration Arrives

Atlassian HipChat and PagerDuty integrate to improve incident response communication, the two companies say.

Why Incident Response Automation and Orchestration Are So Hot

Cybersecurity professionals need immediate incident response (IR) help for several reasons. ESG explains why.

Thoughts on Incident Response Automation and Orchestration

Until recently, organizations rolled their own incident response (IR) automation & orchestration solutions. ESG’s Jon Oltsik says that’s now changing.

Who Do You Need on Your Incident Response Team?

Whether it’s a data breach or a cybersecurity issue, here’s who needs to be on your MSP’s incident response team, according to Continuum’s Joseph Tavano.

Keeping Up With Incident Response

Amid a global cybersecurity skills shortage, here’s how businesses can address cybersecurity and associated incident response strategies, according to ESG.