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How MSPs Can Create Contagious Sales and Marketing Content

As the glut of content grows, the challenge of developing content that stands out also grows. Here’s how MSPs can pull together the right messaging.

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How to Leverage Data to Drive Lead Conversion

In order to drive leads based on previous revenue obtained, it’s important to understand where you found the leads that turned into customers. Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis explains how.

Hiring the Right Team to Execute Your Business Strategy

Finding time to recruit, hire, onboard, and retain talent is a huge challenge for businesses. Here’s how entrepreneurs can move forward.

Mapping Your Buyer’s Journey Through Every Element of Your Business

When we talk about the different stages within the buyer’s journey, we focus on Awareness, Education/Nurture, Purchase, and Loyalty. ChannelMaven CEO Heather K. Margolis explains.

Memo to Vendors: You Can Share the Love Without Playing Favorites

As you ask your Partners to promote your business and solutions, they are looking to the Vendors who are also going to benefit their businesses. For many companies the concept of featuring business partners in blogs and sharing, liking and commenting on their social posts, across networks is a given. However, when Vendors participate in these […]

Four Secrets to Effective Channel Partner Recruitment

Every channel partner ecosystem has some unique nuances. But follow these four best practices for new partner recruitment, according to Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis.

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Channel Partner Recruitment – Changing Your Approach

How to map content to the channel partner recruitment journey, according to Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis.

5 Ways to Create Newsletters that Better Engage Channel Partners

How do you engage partners using a newsletter when they’re already bombarded? Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather Margolis offers this advice.

3 Things Channel Partners Need From Their Vendors

These three things too often are missing in some Vendor-Partner relationships, according to Channel Maven Consulting.

How to Gain More Reach for Your Channel Partner Blog

How to build channel partner-friendly blogs that engage and inform VARs, MSPs & CSPs. Channel Maven Consulting’s Heather K. Margolis explains.