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M&A: Avoiding Buyer-Seller Disputes That Plague Almost Half of Mergers and Acquisitions

Five steps sellers & former business owners can take to avoid merger and acquisition (M&A) disputes with buyers.

Six Steps for Small Business Success in 2021

The 2021 business environment will remain challenging, and business owners will have to adjust to the new normal while focusing on basics.

Is 2021 A Great Time to Sell Your Business?

The current year is expected to be positive for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Is 2021 the right time to sell your business?

Family Businesses: When to Fire Your Kids

“The consequences of firing your children are life long … no matter how well it is done,” Harvard Business Review says. Here’s how to proceed.

The Most Expensive Business Mistake? Missed Opportunity

Missed opportunities are costly for any business. GEM Strategy Management’s Gary Miller offers tips on avoiding these mistakes.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is There A Business Silver Lining?

GEM Strategy Management’s Gary Miller offers Five “silver lining” survival strategies and growth opportunities for small businesses.

SMB Growth Strategies for Covid-19 Economy and Beyond

Five small business survival and growth strategies to navigate the Covid-19 economy. Featuring guidance from GEM Strategy Management.

Know When to Walk Away From A Deal: Six Rules to Follow

You’ve spent money and time negotiating a company sale. But the deal terms don’t feel quite right. When should you walk away? Follow these six rules.

Selling Your Company: Should You Roll Over Equity Into the Buyer?

When you sell your company, should you consider “rolling over equity” into the buyer’s company? GEM Strategy Management Inc. offers this guidance.

Selling Your Business Requires A Growth Story

As you prepare to exit your business through a potential company sale, the picture you paint can tell a story of growth, sedentary stability or decline.