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AWS re:Invent Preview: The Case for Cloud-Delivered Security

Amazon AWS re:invent will attract cloud security companies like Veracode, Cybric, Threat Stack, Cylance, Crowdstrike, Carbon Black & Netskope. Here’s why.

The Scary State of the Cybersecurity Profession

As a society, we need to attract new cybersecurity professionals, while increasing funding for cybersecurity education & training. ESG explains the issues.

Recruiting and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent

Just what conditions lead to cybersecurity job satisfaction? An ESG/ISSA research project revealed the results.

Keeping Up With Incident Response

Amid a global cybersecurity skills shortage, here’s how businesses can address cybersecurity and associated incident response strategies, according to ESG.

identity access management

The Era of Identity-based Applications

Next-gen IAM Security: We’ve entered the “me generation” of computing where most business applications should be designed & customized for identity.

The Most Important Ingredient In Tech Marketing

If every word you write about your company is 100% dead-serious, then you’ll never be the folks that customers want to talk with about their challenges.

VMworld: VMware, NSX and Cybersecurity

At VMworld 2016, ESG’s Jon Oltsik takes a closer look at VMware’s overall security strategy, along with products and services that may assist the effort.

Security Meets DevOps (Hello SecDevOps)

It’s time to incorporate security into DevOps. Bake it into each step of the continuous DevOps pipeline, ESG Global recommends. Here’s why.

Federal Appeals Court Saves Cloud Computing

The legal landscape certainly impacts the cloud world where I live, from hybrid cloud solutions to file sync and share. Here’s why.

Partner Portals — Love That Dirty Water

If you want partners to remain loyal, create a portal that is representative of the partnership. A place where collaboration outweighs deal registration.