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Amazon Workspaces at AWS re:Invent 2018

At AWS re:invent 2018, ESG will be watching for Amazon Workspaces deployments at scale and looking to see if attendees are standardizing on DaaS, or if DaaS is being used for smaller use cases.

Multi-Cloud Services Provider (CSP) or Not?

Should IT organizations use one public cloud service provider (CSP), or two or more public cloud providers? ESG shares some guidance.

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Holding Steady

I keep writing about the cybersecurity skills shortage for one consistent reason—it ain’t getting any better. Here are data points to back up that claim.

Cybersecurity, Big Data, Machine Learning & AI: Hype vs Reality

The application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics to security is a hot topic. ESG offers a reality check.

RSA Conference Topic: Endpoint Security

Cybersecurity professionals are gearing up for the RSA Security Conference 2017 in San Francisco next week. ESG’s Jon Oltsik offers this preview.

Thoughts on Incident Response Automation and Orchestration

Until recently, organizations rolled their own incident response (IR) automation & orchestration solutions. ESG’s Jon Oltsik says that’s now changing.

2017: The Year of Cybersecurity Scale

Cybersecurity platforms scan millions of events per second (EPS). But cybersecurity scale is about to hit an exponential curve. ESG’s Jon Oltsik explains.

High Demand Cybersecurity Skills for 2017

The cybersecurity skills deficit is clear. But which types of cybersecurity skills are in the highest demand? ESG’s Jon Oltsik offers answers.

Why Some Partners Aren’t Seeing Blue Skies In the Cloud

Why do some partners still hesitate o sell more of my cloud solutions? Recent Amazon and Microsoft announcements may reveal some clues, according to ESG.

Time to Stop Buying Hardware for Data Centers?

An economic tug of war between recurring monthly cloud costs & the amortized cost of capital investments is likely. ESG describes how it will play out.