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"Entrepreneur" Posts

Greetings From Mexico

How Ty Trumbull packed up his life, headed to Mexico, and emerged as a blogger covering entrepreneurs, backup, disaster recovery, data protection & more.

Retirement Bench Park Water Lake

Surprise: Small Business Owners Often Don’t Want to Retire

Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index shows retirement often is not ideal for entrepreneurs at MSPs, VARs & small businesses.

Entrepreneurs Money

Does Money Truly Motivate Entrepreneurs?

I’ve looked at my checkbook about three times since quitting my previous job back in May 2014. Fortunately, my wife handles the finances at home — a particularly stressful job when household income briefly plunges to near $0 during startup mode. As you may recall, Amy Katz and I co-founded After Nines Inc. in September […]

Boy Founder

Old Debate Returns: Do Founders Make Better CEOs?

Steve Jobs. John Chambers. Bill Gates. Lou Gerstner. Two of those CEOs were company founders. Two were external hires who became leading tech CEOs. Which approach is better? If a company culture is rooted in innovation, then a founder-turned-CEO is probably the best person to take the company to the next level, asserts Surekha James on […]