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Getting Email Security Right: The MSP Perspective

Here are three types of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, and steps MSPs can take to improve email security for their customers, according to Acronis.

5 Reasons to Use Links Vs. Attachments for File Sharing

In addition to simplicity & convenience, file links improve security & compliance for MSPs & the customers they serve, Egnyte asserts.

Protect Clients, Protect Yourself: Why Advanced Email Security Matters

MSPs should offer advanced email security services and stress the importance of their adoption into clients’ cybersecurity portfolio, too.

How to Prevent Business Email Compromise Incidents: 7 Ways to Lower Your Risk Level

Business email compromise (BEC) schemes are common and incredibly costly. Here are seven steps you can take to prevent them.

INKY Launches Partner Program to Advance Email Security

INKY has launched a channel partner program for MSPs and VARs to help drive greater adoption of its AI-enabled email security solutions.

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Trustifi Launches Channel Program, Appoints New Channel Leadership

Trustifi has launched its first official channel partner program and appointed veteran Jamie Lembeck to lead the channel organization.

10 Common Phishing Emails to Watch Out For

While SMS, voice calls and websites can also be used for phishing, cybercriminals most commonly use these 10 emails to trick victims.

Email Security Trends for 2021

Hackers continue to leverage email for cyberattacks & malware campaigns. Here’s how MSPs can mitigate those attacks, according to Graphus, a Kaseya company.