"Diversity Equity Inclusion" Posts

Technology Industry Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Progress Report

Workforce diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI): Technology industry updates from Activision, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Exabeam, Facebook, Google, Microsoft & more.

Accenture Makes Strategic Investment in Pipeline to Close Gender Gap

Accenture has made a strategic investment in Pipeline, a Denver-based startup that uses AI to close the gender equity gap.

Sage Launches 20 for 20 Program to Accelerate Accounting Partner Growth

Sage’s 20 for 20 program provides partners with tech, business development services and education to grow and scale their businesses.

Amazon Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: 2021 DEI Goals Announced

Amazon’s 2021 goals for diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) emphasize development, retention & talent assessment, Senior VP Beth Galetti says.