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"David Brock" Posts

2021 Technology Sales Planning: Are the Right Hand And Left Hand In Touch?

Channel management and sales teams often develop great sales plans. But failure to coordinate those plans often leads to revenue challenges.

How to Compete Without Discounting Prices

Should sales people resort to pricing discounts to win business and avoid lost deals? David Brock of Partners in Excellence offers guidance.

Achieving Sales Goals Through Helping Customers

Salespeople often talk about achieving goals through customers. But what about helping customers achieve their goals? David Brock explains.

How Virtual Meetings Impact Sales and Customer Interactions

Remote work enables business continuity, but virtual meetings challenge sales and impact customers’ ability to make buying decisions. David Brock explains.

The Future of Sales is Virtual

The future of sales is tied to changing customer behavior, reducing complexity and increasing value – not necessarily specific technologies.

Who Are Your Target Customers (Now)?

Too often, our marketing attempts to reach everyone who fogs a mirror. Instead of casting a wider net — focus on where you can have the biggest impact.

Sales Prospecting Tips Amid the Pandemic

There are big technology sales opportunities amid the coronavirus pandemic. But we need to be very focused & selective with those we prospect.

Customer People

Role Clarity for Sales People: 20 Questions to Consider

Sales team members need to understand their jobs/roles–not just the activities, metrics & compensation plan. They need a deeper understanding & context.

When Sales Managers Don’t Use CRM…

If we, as managers, don’t leverage business automation and CRM tools. Then we should have no expectation of our teams using them.

The Secret to Sustained Business Success: Disciplined Execution

If we examine what drives and sustains great business and personal performance, it is constancy and disciplined execution. David Brock explains.