"Cybersecurity" Posts

IAM’s Role Within Your Enterprise Cybersecurity Framework

A strong IAM infrastructure can help reduce risk across the enterprise and supply chain, and ensure ongoing cybersecurity compliance.

Endpoint Security: Efficacy is King

Modern endpoint security software must allow MSPs to protect customers across multiple attack vectors, VIPRE explains.

Defending Against Hafnium: How Channel Partners Can Help

Patch on-premises Exchange servers & take these four steps to protect customers from Hafnium cyberattacks, Sophos says.

Why MSPs Need to Shift from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience solutions for SMBs blend endpoint protection, end user training, threat intelligence, and backup & recovery. Here’s what MSPs need to know.

How to Train MSP Employees on Cybersecurity

Investing in employee education and training can scale up your MSP’s cybersecurity services and make both employees and customers happy.

MSP Merger: ASK Joins With Convergence Networks/Grade A

ASK, a Lansing, Michigan-based managed IT services and cybersecurity firm, has merged with Convergence Networks/Grade A.

Smells Phishy? How to Spot Suspicious Email

Phishing is a tried and tested cyberattack. It’s also getting increasingly sophisticated – here’s how to identify phishing attempts.

MSP Revenue Growth: Three Post-Pandemic Opportunities

Cybersecurity, remote workforce setup & cloud migration services are the biggest opportunities for MSPs, the 2021 Kaseya MSP Benchmark Survey showed.

Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation: A Decade of Changes (In One Year)

It’s been a year since the switch to work-from-home, during which companies adopted technology at a rate that would typically take a decade.

Using Cybersecurity Risk Assessments to Close MSP Deals

Cybersecurity risk assessments prepare businesses for the worst-case scenario, and can lead to great revenue opportunities for MSPs.