"Cyber Insurance" Posts

How MSPs Can Respond to Soaring Cyber Insurance Costs

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The rising tide of cybercrime is forcing insurers to tighten their payouts. Acronis explains how MSPs can help.

What Is Cyber Insurance And Why Do You Need It

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What types of cyberattacks & risks does cyber insurance cover? What’s not usually covered by cyber insurance? ConnectWise offers answers.

Research Brief: Small Business Cyber Insurance and Cyberattacks

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Only 17% of small businesses have cyber insurance coverage, but more than seven in 10 purchased policies after suffering cyberattacks, AdvisorSmith said.

Cyber Insurance: Microsoft 365, At-Bay Partnership May Reduce Customer Premiums

Microsoft & At-Bay partnership assists Microsoft 365 customers with cybersecurity controls and may drive down cyber insurance premiums.

What Cyber Insurance Covers—and What is Not Covered

Acronis explains first-party & third-party cyber insurance coverage; factors that impact cyber insurance costs & premiums; and gaps to keep in mind.

Cyber Insurance for Service Providers: What You Need to Know

Acronis takes a deep dive into the what, why and how of cyber insurance for today’s services providers, and how it can help mitigate risk.

Data Protection is Security: Adopt This Approach to Protect Your MSP

MSPs that allow customers to opt-out of BDR (backup & disaster recovery) are putting their managed services businesses & clientele in jeopardy.

When it Comes to Incident Response, is Your Cyber Insurance Carrier on Your Side?

For the cyber insurance sector to survive, it needs to establish ground rules, which may complicate obtaining coverage or filing a claim.

Cyber Insurance And Today’s Threat Landscape: How to Achieve Alignment

To provide effective coverage in the growing cyber insurance market, insurance providers must pivot models to effectually assess cyber risk.

Coalition Partners with Intuit to Offer Cyber Insurance for SMBs

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Cyber insurance and security company Coalition and Intuit partnership will enable SMBs to access comprehensive cyber insurance coverage.