"Chatbots" Posts

Help Desk Ticketing Software: AI Meets Slack, Zendesk

HappyFox’s new Assist AI leverages artificial intelligence to help IT and HR teams auto-resolve user questions and manage support via Slack.

Invarosoft Launches ITControlPanel for MSP Help Desk Security, Automation

Invarosoft launches ITControlPanel, a desktop app that seeks to improve MSP communications, help desk security and IT support automation.

How to Scale Chatbots Beyond Pilot Deployments

Most businesses struggle to scale chatbots past proofs of concept and pilot deployments, and fail to realize reduced contacts & optimized costs. Here’s why.

ServiceNow Acquires Passage AI for Chatbot, Virtual Agent Automation Initiatives

ServiceNow is acquiring Passage AI, a conversational artificial intelligence company. ServicNow’s chatbot virtual agents to gain more automation, multi-language speech support.

Customer Service: The Future Belongs to “Caring” Bots

The customer service challenge is to build a bot with an identity that reflects an organization’s brand, culture & communication style, Capgemini asserts.

Stop Trying To Replace Customer Support Agents With Chatbots

Customer service organizations, help desks & IT service desks seek to replace human agents with chatbots. Instead, Forrester recommends this approach.

ServiceNow ‘London’ Simplifies Chatbot Deployments, ITSM Automation

ServiceNow London more deeply integrates chatbot automation with IT service management (ITSM). Will the technology filter down to MSPs, help desks and ticketing systems in the SMB sector?

Chatbot Market Forecast: What’s Fueling the Growth

How messaging and collaboration applications are driving chatbot adoption across IT service desks (ITSM), help desks and other business processes. Plus, a chatbot market adoption and research forecast.

Talla’s BotChain Launches AI Bot Software Partner Program

Talla’s BotChain, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for managing multiple enterprise software bots, recently unveiled a partner program.