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Cybersecurity: Don’t Treat All Employees the Same When Trying to Protect Data

Cybersecurity & data privacy require more than a one-size-fits-all strategy. It’s time to understand these risks posed by different groups of employees.

Companies Focusing More and More on Employees’ Financial Health

US companies now offer a wide range of ways to help employees with their finances; this may reflect how unstable work & pay are becoming for many employees.

Technology Talent: Time to Start Building Your Leadership Team for 2020

There are three things IT leaders should do now to change the way they hire, develop, and retain their staff. CEB, now Gartner, offers this guidance.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era

Having the right cybersecurity staff (including these 10 roles) protects an organization’s most valuable assets and enables growth in the digital age.

Writing Memo Open Letter 2

How to Write A Job Post for High-Performing Customer Service Reps

Need to hire customer service reps and IT service desk experts who delight customers? Break with tradition and follow this approach from CEB.

Information Security Budgets: More Money & Staff, But Growth Finally Slows

IT security staff & budget will increase yet again in 2017 But spending on staff training is flat & budget growth rates may not be sustainable. Source: CEB.

Top Questions Small Business Owners, Sales Prospects Want Answered

No matter what stage of the buying cycle, small business owners tend to ask these five questions while researching a product or service.

IT Is Hiring More Generalists, Fewer Specialists

Amid digital business transformations, IT needs staff who work on a variety of projects rather than specializing in a particular technology. CEB explains.

How to Be a More Attractive Employer Than a Startup

Startups are attractive employers because they offer exactly what budding IT professionals want. CEB explains how established IT teams can fight back.

Idea Lightbulb

Three Elements that Underpin a Culture of Innovation

CEB interviews heads of R&D (or innovation), CTOs & their teams to understand what tried practices make or break a corporate culture of innovation.