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Why AVG’s Channel Chief Invaded Canada

AVG Senior VP Fred Gerritse is spending three months in the company’s Ottawa office. Yes, the Managed Workplace for MSPs business is growing again. Plus…

AVG SMB, Managed Workplace Business Slips

As AVG Technologies’ SMB business declined in Q4, rival MSP software providers had double-digit growth. CEO Gary Kovacs insists a turnaround is coming.

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AVG Managed Workplace, MSP Reality Check

AVG Technologies’ SMB business and Managed Workplace software for MSPs stumbled in Q3 2015. So how did Q4 perform? The answers will emerge this week.

dominoes layoffs

AVG Confirms Layoffs, SMB Restructuring, MSP Challenges

AVG Technologies has cut 35 employees and restructured its SMB management team. Are AVG layoffs a wakeup call for MSPs running Managed Workplace?