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Avaya Pension Plan Payments: Mostly Good News, But Some Pain

Avaya’s plan to exit bankruptcy contains mostly good news for pension plan participants. But there’s also some painfully bad news for about 800 retirees.

Bankrupt Avaya Stops Paying Some Pension Retirement Benefits

Avaya stops paying some pension benefits for retirees amid the company’s chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, according to a report.

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Avaya Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing: Corporate Treasurer Explains Strategy

Avaya Corporate Treasurer John Sullivan explains Avaya’s chapter 11 filing. He makes key points but skips three key words: “bankruptcy” and “pension plans.”

Avaya Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Avaya files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What it means for Avaya’s pension plans, and call center, networking & unified communications businesses.