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How to Build Ransomware Protection Packages That Clients Want

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For the average small–to–mid-sized business, ransomware is a matter of life and death. Problem is, they may not know it.

5 Channel Partner & MSP Market News Updates: 10 March 2023

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OpenAI to Sell API; February Payrolls Up; Zscaler’s New Channel Chief; RackNap, Acronis Partner; SVB Bank Run

Selling Cybersecurity: Five Ways to Get to Yes

Many SMBs are still unaware of the need to secure their infrastructure. Acronis shares strategies to crack this hesitation and get to ‘Yes.’

7 Ways MSPs Can Drive Business Growth With Microsoft 365 Backup and Data Recovery

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Your clients face many risks when using Microsoft 365 without an appropriate data protection solution in place. Here’s how you can help.

The 2023 Cyberthreat Landscape: 10 Trends to Look Out For

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Here are 10 trends that are likely to shape cybersecurity in 2023, according to Acronis.

The Top Security Risks Facing MSPs and Their Clients in 2023

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Taken from a roundtable discussion at the Acronis Cyberfit Summit 2022, this article highlights types of risk, the transfer of risk and how to prevent cyberthreats.

Controlling the Complexity

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As technology increasingly grows in complexity, it’s essential to keep security solutions simple and manageable.

The Latest Cybersecurity Threats That Put Your Clients at Risk

Keeping up with the latest threats will protect your MSP business and its clients from lesser-known attacks.

The Art of Scaling as an MSP

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Scaling your MSP is as much an art as it is a science. Acronis offers these tips to help your business grow with its customers.

DLP, Once Out of Reach, is Now Essential for MSPs

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Data leaks can be devastating to organizations of any size. Protect your clients and protect yourself with DLP.