"Accenture Industry X" Posts

Accenture Acquires Asset Performance Management Consultancy T.A. Cook

T.A. Cook’s 130 consultants, engineers & development coaches will join Accenture’s Industry X group. Among the goals: Help customers to digitize engineering functions & improve performance management across factory floors.

Accenture Acquires DI Square Technology Engineers, Digital Transformation Contracts

Global IT consulting firm Accenture ($ACN) acquires DI Square engineering talent & digital transformation client contracts in manufacturing vertical.

Accenture Acquires Technology Engineering Company Umlaut

Accenture ($ACN) Industry X business gains Umlau for digital transformation and engineering services.

Accenture Acquires Electro 80; Gains Operational Technology Consulting Expertise

Accenture acquires Electro 80; gains Australia-based operational technology (OT) consulting firm for Industry X digital transformation efforts.

Accenture Acquires Industrial Robotics, Automation Company Pollux

Accenture acquires Pollux, a provider of industrial robotics & automation solutions for manufacturing companies. Pollux tucks into Accenture Industry X group.

Accenture Acquires SAP Partner SALT Solutions

Accenture acquires SALT Solutions for Industry X branch focus on IoT, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.