"Accenture Cloud First" Posts

Accenture Acquires Cloud Consulting Company Benext

Accenture acquires Benext of France. Accenture Cloud First gains cloud-based software development and data science expertise.

Wipro Bets $1 Billion on Cloud Services Consulting Business, Plans Acquisitions

Wipro FullStride Cloud Services spans 79,000 employees. Acquisitions involving Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and/or Google Cloud expertise expected.

Accenture Acquires Cygni for Cloud, Mobile and Full-Stack Software Development

Accenture acquires cloud, mobile and full-stack software development firm Cygni for continued Accenture Cloud First expansion.

Accenture Cloud First Leverages 70,000 Experts

Accenture Cloud First initiative unifies 70,000 employees to help customers accelerate cloud migrations and digital transformation strategies.