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Staying Safe in 2022: Our Cyberthreat Predictions Throughout the Year

Here’s the security forecast for the coming months, and key Acronis predictions for MSPs & channel partners to navigate.

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2022 IT Forecast: 5 Tech Predictions for the New Year

If you’re pondering what 2022 has in store, Stratosphere Networks has some predictions from industry experts to guide your efforts.


Cybersecurity Trends for MSPs to Watch in 2022

Atera summarizes 10 of the most relevant cybersecurity statistics for individuals and SMBs to know in 2022 for a cyber-safe new year.

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10 MSP Predictions for 2022

SuperOps.ai offers their predictions for what 2022 will bring for MSPs, including an emphasis on cybersecurity and market consolidation.

Channel Partners, IT Professionals Upbeat About 2022, CompTIA Research Finds

CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022 finds the IT industry and the channel eager to get back to business as usual.

IT By Design’s Top Five MSP Talent Predictions for 2022

How will MSPs address their talent needs in 2022? The IT By Design leadership team shares their MSP perspectives for the year ahead.

How to Adjust B2B Marketing KPIs in 2022

To drive a successful KPI measurement change, marketers must follow three simple yet effective steps. Christina Schmitt explains.

Delivering Better Protection: Challenges (and Solutions) for 2022 and Beyond

At the Acronis CyberFit Summit World Tour 2021, president Ezequiel Steiner offered the following predictions for 2022 and beyond.

4 Things MSP Xperience Taught us About What’s Coming in 2022

Axcient’s MSP Xperience offered a look at new and ongoing trends that will impact the way MSPs will do business in 2022.