James Foxall

Tigerpaw Soft-launches Hosted PSA Software Edition

James Foxall

James Foxall

Tigerpaw Software‘s evolution beyond traditional licensing and delivery models continues. The PSA (professional services automation) and business management software provider is quietly testing a hosted edition — though it’s not a traditional cloud approach.

“We have taken a different approach than other web-based solutions because we did not want to compromise the power and feature-set that we have developed over the past 30 years,” says Tigerpaw President and CEO James Foxall. “Instead, we leveraged modern remote-desktop application technology to drop a Tigerpaw icon right on your desktop so you can run our feature-rich fat client through the cloud.”

The company also is pressing forward with new licensing models. “Our previous offering was module-based and sold with concurrent user licensing, with traditional annual maintenance and support contracts that we called Livebridge,” says Foxall. “Tigerpaw One is a standard S-a-a-S subscription, with named-user licensing that includes EVERYTHING we offer.”

The company is the “first and only” PSA to do away with add-ons and extras for a true one-price-per-seat… no extras for portals, connectors, integrations or mobile apps, he asserts (ChannelE2E hasn’t independently confirm that claim). The company has also launched an Etilize integration, and the ability to generate invoices from mobile devices, he adds.

I noticed Tigerpaw didn’t attend the recent Continuum Navigate 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Entrenched rivals like Autotask and ConnectWise were on hand. Upstart Computicate PSA along with Promys PSA also attended.

Tigerpaw and Continuum continue to partner on integrations,  but the PSA company didn’t attend the conference in order to focus on the Tigerpaw ONE and hosted deployment efforts. “You were correct in your mentioning that Tigerpaw has a robust integration with Continuum,” Foxall says. “They continue to be a strong partner of ours, and we share many common larger MSPs among our respective user bases.”

Tigerpaw’s software has roughly 40,000 users.

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    Martijn van der Schaaf:

    Hi Joe, I can confirm that Tigerpaw is not the first and certainly not the only PSA offering an ‘all included price-per-seat’ model. Computicate PSA is offering this model from the start and will keep delivering a real SaaS PSA for a fixed all-in monthly fee.

    Computicate was a Silver sponsor at Navigate by the way.. it was Promys who just ‘attended’ 😉

      Joe Panettieri:

      Martjin: Thanks for the info and for your time at Navigate.

    Jim Barnet:

    Hi Joe:

    Don’t mean to pile on regarding James “one-price-per seat” statement, but Promys has also been offering “no nickel and diming” all in one pricing for years now. We just feel it’s a better way to establish a long term customer relationship (along with quarterly renewals – customers stay because they’re happy, not because they signed a long term contract).

    I think Continuum is doing a great job in building out PSA integrations to allow their partners to select from a range of PSA options that best fit their business, as is reflected by the fact that long term PSA industry players like Promys and Tigerpaw are supported, as well as new comers like Computicate, which helps Continuum partners to “right-size” the best PSA software for their business, as opposed to the “one size fits all” approach of some of the combo vendors.

    No disrepect James, just need to keep everyone honest in terms of the “truthiness” of certain statements.

    Jim Barnet
    Promys PSA
    Director Sales & Marketing
    Tel: 905-847-6539, ext. 2972
    Cell: 647-239-2942
    [email protected]
    t: @PROMYS_PSA

    Max Pruger:

    CloudJumper has been offering TigerPaw through our DaaS nWorkspace for a while. It’s a great solution that can either be streamed as a single icon or through a full featured desktop. Looking forward to continuing to work with our mutual partners.



    Looking forward to seeing what the cloud-based Tigerpaw can do.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hi Clint: I hadn’t heard anything new on this but will check in with Tigerpaw. Thanks for the note.

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