More PSA Software Companies Seek MSP, IT Services Spotlight

Within the crowded PSA (professional services automation) software market, several companies are trying to rise above the noise — and perhaps even give Autotask and ConnectWise a run for their money supporting MSPs and IT services providers.

Among the moves we noticed this week:

Of course, ya gotta be careful when reporting about “momentum” announcements and customer wins.

Sometimes the victory celebrations get overblown. After all, when an MSP organization called The 20 switched from ConnectWise Manage to Kaseya BMS, some of the media reports treated it like a wholesale stampede toward the Kaseya PSA camp. It wasn’t. Sure, Kaseya is back in growth mode. But rip-and-replace PSA moves, generally speaking, are rare these days. And some folks failed to notice The 20 was actually sponsoring the Kaseya Connect customer summit at the time of the big “migration” announcement.

IT Services Software Consolidation

Overall, the MSP- and IT services-centric software market — particularly in the SMB sector — has largely consolidated around five vendors: Autotask, ConnectWise, Continuum, Kaseya and SolarWinds MSP.

But several sectors, including the PSA and RMM (remote monitoring and management) have shown a remarkable ability to spring forth new players. Auvik, for instance, just yesterday announced nearly US$12 million in new venture funding for the company’s network-centric RMM platform, while upstarts like Atera and Pulseway each have promoted PSA and RMM suites to MSPs in recent quarters.

Most of the companies above mainly have “sell-to” models, which means MSPs and IT services providers mostly consume the software. But there’s also the fast-rising “sell-through” MSP model, where companies like Datto, Intronis MSP Solutions, and numerous business continuity/security companies have made their money.

Back in the PSA sector, I’ve certainly heard about Promys and Kimble over the years. But Mavenlink is a newer name for me — among the 20 other PSA-oriented companies we’ve been tracking.

Got Profits?

I guess the bottom line is this: Just when I think the IT services automation market has matured and consolidated, more players always seem to pop up — claiming their own recipe for victory. Customer wins are impressive and deserve some attention. But I wish we’d hear more about financial growth — revenues, profits, etc. Only then can we separate the leaders from fledging upstarts… and the pretenders.


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    Jim Barnet:

    Hi Joe:

    As always, thank you for mentioning Promys in the PSA software conversation. For “up and comers” like Promys, sometimes it’s hard to get noticed amongst all the marketing noise generated by the two 800 lb. gorillas in this space (Connectwise and Autotask).

    Although I agree that there will problably not be a stampede of wholesale conversions from one PSA to another anytime soon (like any IT project, it’s a manageable conversion to take on, but it is disruptive to the business, so disatisfaction needs to be pretty high, as it was to convert to a PSA to begin with ). Having said that, I am intrigued by some of the Channele2e coverage regarding recent executive talent departures at Connectwise, and Khamma Group is just one of several recent competing PSA conversions Promys has completed in the last few months. So there does appear to be an opportunity in the PSA space, just as Auvik proved there was still space in the crowded RMM market for an innovative vendor with a unique value proposition.

    I’ll be reaching out soon with what I hope will be interesting details regarding some recent RMM/BI integrations Promys has completed, as well as some “phase II” Managed Services focused functionality. I’ll look forward to your feedback regarding which category Promys PSA belongs in (leader, upstart, pretender..,) ; – )

    Jim Barnet
    Promys PSA
    Director Sales & Marketing
    Tel: 905-847-6539, ext. 2972
    Cell: 647-239-2942
    [email protected]
    t: @PROMYS_PSA

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Jim: Thanks for your note and for your briefings over the year. I would consider Promys an established player in the market though I don’t have a feel for your installed base size, growth rates, etc. Feel free to email me when you’re ready to do a briefing. [email protected]

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