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Top 50 Cloud Monitoring, Management Software Tools: Best of 2017?

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51. Splunk: One of the fastest-growing providers of server and infrastructure monitoring. Also widely deployed for security and big data applications.

52. Stack Driver: Positions itself as “intelligent monitoring” for AWS infrastructure.

53. Sumo Logic: Offers a SaaS-based log analytics platform for AWS, Azure and hybrid cloud services. It can monitor workloads and migrations for errors, warnings, performance and availability issues across cloud and on-premises infrastructure stacks.

54. Synnex CloudSolv: A popular platform for VARs and MSPs that want to source and manage Office 365 accounts for customers. Keep an eye on growing Docker relationship as well.

55. Sysdig, a hosted service that tracks storage, visualization, alerting  and more.

56. Tech Data: The company has multiple cloud sourcing and account management platforms now that Tech Data owns Avnet Technology Solutions. Watch for potential platform consolidation in 2017 or 2018….

57. Unigma: The cloud management dashboard supports performance monitoring, automation and cost analytics for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

58. VMware: Offers a range of options for cloud management. Watch VMware’s multi-cloud management strategy closely, along with the company’s emerging Amazon partnership.

59. Wavefront: Offers unified cloud monitoring and analytics at over 1 million data points per second, the company claims.

60. Zabbix: An open source monitoring solution for networks and applications.

61. Zenoss Cloud Monitoring: The company offers cloud monitoring packs for AWS, CloudStack, OpenStack, Azure and VMware vCloud.

That’s it for our 2017 list. What did we miss — and what should drop off the list in 2018? Let me know: [email protected].

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    Interesting post! Your readers might also find real user reviews for many of these solutions on IT Central Station to be helpful.

    As an example, this user writes in his review of AppDynamics APM, “Now application monitoring has become much easier. Transaction identification and locking it for monitoring is much easier now, with lots of flexibility to change things on the run.” You can read the rest of his review here:

      Joe Panettieri:

      Hey Danielle: We welcome pointers for our readers, but can you disclose your relationship (if any) with IT Central Station?



        Hi Joe,

        No problem! I work for IT Central Station, but all reviews are the opinions of our user community.

        I hope this clears up any confusion.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Hey Danielle: Thanks for the disclosure. Please keep us posted as IT Central Station makes more business moves.

    Joe [at] AfterNines [dot] com

    Todd Bernhard:

    I hope you’ll update this with CloudCheckr, where I work. We do Cost Savings AND Security & Compliance, and Billing & Invoicing for MSPs/CSPs. We support multi-cloud including AWS, Azure, Google etc.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Todd: Sorry for super-belated reply. Next edition of the list is “coming soon.”

    Trent Waskey:

    Hey Joe,

    Netuitive is now rebranded as Metricly, we kept the same product offering though.

      Joe Panettieri:

      Trend: Thanks for heads up. We’ll make the appropriate update when we publish the next list.

    Joe Panettieri:

    Update: We have launched our Top 50 Cloud Monitoring and Management Software Tools survey for 2018.

    • Participate here.
    • Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 4.
    • Results to be unveiled Tuesday, May 22.

    Comments on the blog above are now closed since we’re now focused on building the 2018 list. Thanks you to those who previously posted comments, and to those who are participating in the survey.

    Joe Panettieri
    Content Czar, ChannelE2E & MSSP Alert
    [email protected]