Welcome to the latest ChannelE2E podcast. Tonight's guest is Hal Lonas, CTO of Webroot.

We open the conversation with a quick overview of Webroot's security focus for MSPs. Then we dive into a conversation about machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and what it all means for MSPs that are moving into the cybersecurity market.

Here's the conversation:

The conversation covers:

  • 0:00: Greetings and introductions
  • 0:28: A quick overview of Webroot's market focus for MSPs
  • 2:55: Machine learning and artificial intelligence: The same or different? Lonas explains
  • 5:52: How real is machine learning today?
  • 7:01: Examples of machine learning and security
  • 9:04: MSP solutions as learning systems
  • 9:34: Do MSPs have to become machine learning and AI experts?
  • 11:18: Will MSPs get overwhelmed by security alerts
  • 13:03: The connection machine learning and automation -- and making the MSP the hero
  • 13:54: Can machine learning and automation close the cybersecurity skills gap?
  • 15;40: Can a help desk technician be the point person for an MSP starting in security?
  • 17:00: Where listeners can find more information
  • 18:46: Conculsion