We are Level 4: Nonstop, Accurate, and Relentless

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If IT service levels were areas of medical care, we might assign them the following comparisons:

  • Level 1—Nurse Practitioner: able to diagnose and treat common ailments
  • Level 2—Family Physician: trained to treat a variety of medical issues
  • Level 3—Specialist: highly skilled in a specific area of treatment
Greg Micek, Lead Inspector Developer, Liongard
Author: Greg Micek, lead inspector developer, Liongard

But what happens when your Level 3 techs—those highly skilled specialists who your customers turn to when they have an unusually challenging problem—can’t solve an issue fast enough/quickly or is working on multiple issues…? That’s where Liongard Roar comes in.

You can think of us as a Level 4 technician—a new tier of service that tracks and troubleshoots technology with automated documentation, actionable alerts, and insightful reporting and metrics. We’re the intensive care unit of IT, using around-the-clock documentation, detection of changes, and escalation (ticket creation) to allow for assessment to triage and correct issues that would otherwise tie up your Level 3 techs’ valuable time for hours or even days on end.

Every MSP needs Level 4 support.

A first-rate help desk directly impacts the life of your MSP. In today’s ever-evolving tech environment, Level 4 support is not an option—it’s a necessity because your customers are demanding ever fast resolution.

As an MSP, you may think of yourself as a technology provider … but you’re ultimately in the business of customer service. Your customers depend on you to take care of their data and their systems, and thus your support is your greatest asset. With a solid team of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 IT pros, you’re well on your way to providing a positive customer experience. But when you add in that next level of support from Roar, you’re simultaneously solving problems faster and more accurately, thereby increasing your value to your customers while stretching the talent of your team further.

Roar’s deep unified visibility—through automated documentation, actionable alerts, and reporting & metrics — take you to Level 4. Its reliability, accuracy, and constant evolution keep you there.

Roar is always on.

Whether your IT pros are out to lunch, on vacation, or in bed at zero dark thirty when a customer issue arises, Roar never sleeps. By continuously documenting systems across platforms, scanning for critical changes, upcoming events and more, Roar offers reliable support without the costly need for 24/7 on-site techs.

Roar is incredibly accurate.

From the moment you activate inspectors, Roar starts logging information and automating documentation, giving you complete and accurate records as well as change notifications and actionable alerts. Human error is eliminated, and you’re left with precise information that you can easily explore, sort, export, and share in a number of ways.

Roar is relentlessly improving—all the time.

Level 4 dominance doesn’t come from static technology. The Liongard team works tirelessly to provide constant updates and features driven 100% by our user’s input. Our Ideas Portal gives customers a way to not only provide feedback, but to upvote others’ ideas that they’d like to see us improve upon or implement; and our Roar Reports provide release notes and how-to videos to help you stay up-to-date with our latest additions and integrations.

A recent Roar Report announced an exciting new feature: cross-customer reporting. Now, Roar users can build metrics-based reports to surface, manipulate, and export key information across their entire customer base. This type of operation can help MSPs save time and combine opportunities and threats to all their clients in one comprehensive report and catch issues before they escalate to a higher service level.

The health of your MSP depends on your help desk. Learn more about how Roar provided Level 4 support to help save $13K in MRR for Doberman Technologies , and schedule your demo today.

Greg Micek is Lead Inspector Developer at LiongardRead more Liongard guest blogs here.