The Ultimate Ransomware Detection and Recovery Tool for MSPs

In Datto’s recent report on the state of ransomware within the channel, 1,000+ managed service providers (MSPs) reported recent ransomware attacks against SMB clients. Businesses are victimized by ransomware on a daily basis and yet, less than 1 in 4 report these incidents to authorities. Why? Because said authorities do not currently have a solution to retrieve the hijacked data. Some cyber criminals keep business data hostage within a short window of time before deleting it all together, creating a desperate sense of urgency. These victims are faced with two choices: pay up immediately or face downtime and critical data loss.

Today’s proactive businesses, with a reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution in place, have a third, more palatable option: hit the undo button. With Datto’s BDR solutions, for example, businesses have the ability to roll back their systems to a point in time before the attack quickly and with little to no downtime. They successfully outwit the hackers, and get back to business fast.

Getting rid of the threat before it even has a chance to fully spread its wings is the next logical step in the war against ransomware: detection. After all, when it comes to ransomware , the sooner one becomes aware of the threat, the better. This is why Datto recently rolled out the first Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution, now an added feature within its Total Data Protection platform.

By checking every backup for ransomware, and by taking backups as often as every five minutes, Datto’s ransomware detection solution allows IT service providers to quickly identify an infection and act fast, thereby reducing the damage. When a likely attack is identified, admins are notified and the recovery process quickly begins.

Should networked storage, mobile devices, or cloud files be affected, they can also be restored to erase any traces of ransomware that may trigger a new attack. With the rapid response and restore capabilities offered through the solution, businesses experience less disruption and minimal downtime.

For Datto partners, facing a ransomware attack has never been easier. To learn more about Datto’s innovative, industry-leading solutions, check out the ransomware protection page or learn more about Datto’s Partner Program here.

Christine Gassman is manager of partner development at Datto. Read more Datto blogs here.